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Panda Internet Security 2016 is a new build of security suite, which is designed to offer full protection for users who are running Windows, Android, iOS and Mac and other devices. Keeping yourself is way easier if you have a right tool.

The provider is experienced in the security software business for more than 25 years. It’s a reliable company and its security software is reliable, too. Well, Panda IS 2016 should be the wise choice for your personal computer, your team even your company.

This new software offers a wide range of features: accurate antivirus, browser protection with an optional toolbar, firewall, data shield, parental controls…All the features protect our computer for detecting and blocking intruders for online and offline time.

Besides, it has an control layer for you to block something malicious if malware tries to circumvent Windows’ own controls. When you are playing a game or watching a movie, there is a gaming/multimedia mode to not pop up notifications. There is a special feature included—Parental Control, it’s for protect your family (especially your children) from some inappropriate content such as pornography, drugs, weapons, etc.  

The antivirus, device optimisation, a location service, an optional choice for you to lock or wide the device remotely, all the features above are available for Android. But Mac and iOS are only offered with the basic protection—antivirus and an iPhone location service.

AV-Comparatives did a test on this software, the result shows that it made a good performance in every aspects. It was ranked at the top of the security software for its scanning speed and scanning results. It provides full virus detection with the least device impact on your computer. It is said that the program runs well with the computer even you won’t notice it’s there, but it is running all the time.

It’s easy to set up this program, and with an optional installation included—a browser toolbar. It will change your home and search pages if you want to install this browser toolbar also.

No matter whether you are a regular user of Panda’s security software or not, there are enough reasons for you to choose Panda Internet Security 2016. Good or not, check it out yourself. Furthermore, read this review to see how Panda Global Protection 2016 (Beta) can help your team first-hand, and get more done at work, as well.


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It is reported that Apple Music, the streaming media music service obtains over 15 million Beta users, including 6.5 million subscribers.

Tim Cook stated at WSJDLive technology conference held by Wall Street Journal that Apple Music has 6.5 million subscribers and 8.5 million users for trail version.

Apple firm launched Apple Music on June 30 and provides all users a three-month Beta service. After its Beta service, Apple Music charges $ 9.99 per month for individual and $14.99 per month for family. The first trail service was due at the end of September.

In August, Apple’s SVP Eddy Cue claimed that it has 11 million Beta users for Apple Music trail service. According to the statistics given by Tim Cook, about 60% of Beta users turned to subscription service.

While Spotify has 75 million active users and 20 million subscribers. And Spotify had been released in 2008.

Cook said Apple Music is highly appreciated by its users due to the “expert recommend” feature. The performance for Apple Music in early-stage market.

He added Apple TV will be launched next week. And users will be able to purchase Apple TV on next Monday.

The new update Apple TV will make pave for the change of TV viewing. But Apple has not yet signed all cooperated terms with necessary content.

Cook felt that the linear television viewing provided by frequency channels will be disappeared. The current television viewing experience become unpopular. Apple TV can search different streaming media service and make interactions with those applications.

Cook even mentioned the auto industry, but he did not discussed about Apple’s electric vehicle project. He implied that the auto industry will make great change as its key technology is no longer focus on fuel engine.

He expressed that software, electrification, self-driving technology will play important role in future auto industry. Auto industry is now in the turning point and its change not only grows gradually.
Apple engages in improving its vehicle-mounted information and entertainment system by launching CarPlay service.


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EECMS.dll error is defined as a critical system error which can not be fixed by simply re-installing any programs. It is associated with EECMS.dll file and acts as a key part of Windows operating system. In fact, any modification to any this critical system files may bring serious problems, including unexpected blue screen, pops-up, the driver and update failure, the computer sound deterioration, also the driver removal fails, the bad and slow system performance and sophisticated sense of loss adverse accumulation system error.

Why is eecms.dll giving us errors? Because process related issues are usually related to problems encountered by the application that runs it. A safe way to stop these errors is to uninstall the application and reinstall it once you need it. 
The first reason why we get this eecms.dll error: when we surf the Internet with our computers and get infected with computer viruses accidentally, it will spread the virus to EECMS.dll. When the EECMS.dll get infected with virus, its original operate mode will be changed and it will become unstable and directly lead to unavailability of Entrust Entelligence Security Provider software.

So here’s the point: how to

fix eecms.dll error immediately?
The first thing we should do is to ensure that the applications and file settings are working correctly then re-install the specific programs where you encounter the error. That program might be unable to read the DLL file correctly and needs to be replaced. Now, follow the below steps:
1. Click START and open the Control Panel.
2. Select the Add/Remove Programs – select the program from the list.
3. Click REMOVE or UNINSTALL to take out the program from the system.
4. Restart the computer.
5. Check if the error still appears or not. If you still get the eecms.dll error massages, it’s suggested to choose a reliable software to help fixing eecms.dll once and for all.


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First of all, let’s figure it out what is a0015027.exe. The A0015027.exe is a process that is usually active when you install certain program or application into your computer. Sometimes your computer can get troubled with the annoying A0015027.exe error. These errors are basically some really common problems that every computer will face sooner or later. If you don’t deal with it properly and the solution may get complicated.

If you found your PC have the following symptoms then your PC may be involed with the a001527.exe is having problem: Slow computer performance, spyware and malware problem, blue screen of Death error, Dll file corruption, essential system file damage, exe error and runtime error.

It is proved that a0015027.exe can be infected by:

In fact a0015027.exe error is not intractable as long as you fix it as soon as possible. It can be fixed either by re-installing the associated program and then restart your computer. Or you can also just copy the same a0015027.exe file to another same operating system and replace the missing/corrupted file. However, the a0015027.exe related Registry entries may have been invalid/damaged or even infected by malware or virus due to the nature of different computer environments. There are multiple ways toflexibly fix a0015027.exe error. If you admire manual way, please follow the instructions below to fix a0015027.exe error:

Fix it by Registry Editor
Reset the registry settings to their default status:
1. Click on “Start” at the lower left corner → type “regedit” in the Search box → press “Enter” key.
2. Right-click Regedit.exe in the returned list → select Run as administrator
3. Find the following registry key:
1) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\a0015027-exe.exe
With a0015027-exe.exe selected, right-click (Default) it, and select Modify…
Change the Value data to exefile
With exefile selected, right-click (Default), and select Modify…
Change the Value data to “%1” %*
3) KEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open
With open selected, right-click (Default) and select Modify…
Change the Value data to “%1” %*
Now close the Registry Editor, and restart your PC.


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Next year is expectable, not only because of theiPhone7 with larger screen, and also there is the better Apple Watch. Faced with everyone’s expectations, Apple is accelerating the pace to seize time.

1, Apple Watch will be available
It was reported that Apple Watch will be available in March next year. This smart watch is full of mystery, because most people only know it from the picture, but nobody knows how it is used.

2, APP for Apple Watch will be launched
It is understood that, Apple Watch will be equipped with the new operating system, which looks like iOS operating system. But equipping with a new operating system means that developers must tailor Apple Watch for a variety of applications.

3, the larger screen of iPad
People is also looking forward to the larger screen of the iPad next year , which are what people call “iPad Pro” and “iPad Plus”.

4, iPad Air 3 will be released
The thinner iPad Air 3 will be released.

5, iPad Mini 4 launch
iPad Mini 4 is likely to be available in the fall of next year, it will have a faster processor and the better pixel camera.

6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7
iPhone 6S is likely to add some new features, but the big changes may be known until the iPhone 7.

7, 4-inch iPhone 6 Mini
There are widely circulated that Apple will launch 4-inch iPhone 6 Mini, which like the size of the iPhone 5 or the earlier iPhones.

8, iOS 9
the new iPhone means the new generation of iPhone OS, such as iOS 9.

9, the new version of OSX
Apple will release a new version of OSX next year. The latest two versions both named with the landmark of California, respectively, Mavericks and Yosemite.

10, Release MacBook Pro
Apple will release a more lightweight MacBook Pro, it looks like a MacBook air, but its battery life will be longer than MacBook’s.

11,21.5 inch Retina iMac
People wants that Apple’s MacBook Air with be equipped with Retina display. This year’s 27-inch Retina iMac demonstrated extraordinary display effect and it was highly praised by the public. So it’s estimated that next year Apple will equipped Retina display for iMac 21.5-inch .

12, a new generation of Apple TV
Since 2012, Apple TV set-top boxes have not been replaced, it is the update time in next year.


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