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According to reports of foreign technology website Tech Report, SanDisk will release a new midrange SSD —Ultra II in September this year, recently, SanDisk revealed the product-related information.

It is reported that this is a new SATA SSDs, using Marvell master and 3bit TLC flash memory, which is the most important feature of the product. TLC flash memory read and write speed is slow, but the cache scheme can improve their work performance; while 3bit flash memory is with low power consumption, low latency characteristics, before reading data and other information into the White disk, cache memory can integrate small pieces of the the readers into a big chunk of content.

According to the reports, 120GB Ultra II’s read speed is up to 550MB / s, write speed up to 500MB / s, random 4K reads 81K IOPS, random write 80K IOPS, performance is as excellent as Samsung’s 840 Evo, which is mainly thanks to SanDisk’s nCache 2.0 technology, this technology is actually a flash in SLC mode, and improve its performance and reliability.

SanDisk will launch 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB capacities, four specifications of Ultra II, prices were $ 79.99, $ 114.99, $ 219.99, $ 429.99, approximately every G price is $ 0.45. SanDisk will also offer a three-year warranty for the product.

“Replacing the PC’s hard drive series with SanDisk Ultra SSD is more cost-effective than buying a new one.” Director of SanDisk product marketing Kent Perry said, “Our SSD products provide higher speed and stability than mechanical hard disk, and prices are available at an acceptable range. “

The product is targeted at high-end users, unlike traditional SSD, Ultra Plus SSD firstly using a SLC / MLC hybrid storage, taking into account both the speed and the product durability.


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Do you spend too much time watching videos online – but can’t help it? Here’s the tool you need.

With Speedbit Video Accelerator you’ll be able to watch more videos in less time, thanks to a special technology that accelerates the transferring speed of videos. Speedbit Video Accelerator creates multi-thread connections to the video, which makes it load faster and enables you to start watching them sooner. You’ll also enjoy a perfectly smooth playback, without freezes or buffering times – and even better, with no complicated configuration required!

Speedbit Video Accelerator works with dozens of video sites, including the most popular ones like YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Metacafe, and also sites that are not devoted to video sharing but usually display embedded videos – such as Facebook or Amazon. It accelerates both standard and HD videos, though you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium version for the HD ones. Besides speeding up videos, Speedbit Video Accelerator also lets you share them on Twitter straight away from a small desktop pop-up.

Though the program took a while to work during our tests, I have to say that in the end results were pretty impressive, both on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Videos took much less to load and playback was seamless. So if the program takes a while to ‘wake up’, just be patient: it’s worth the wait.

Speedbit Video Accelerator reduces loading times and buffering of online videos to ensure a smooth, continuous playback. While, it akes a while to start working. Hit here if you wish to get help with unwanted software on your Windows. Meantime, we can help you resolve typical errors on Windows-based computer.

You weren’t hit with advertising, adware, bloatware, etc from every corner. When you install you can obviously opt out of the home page set and such, the plugin I installed which then gives you links to Amazon and others, yay. : I also (after restarting for the video plugin in Firefox) get another plugin that wants to install (Search Predict), no thanks. Really, this is a bloated software with more advertising than Google. I will say that it does well to enhance video playback on the web, my videos were sharper, non skippy, etc… Download and convert, fairly standard speed, nothing spectacular. All in all, if it was a straight up program without all the fluff, I would enjoy it, maybe… for now, I’ll stick with others. Remove it for good, performance and for security!


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Windows 8’s market performance was disappointing, while Windows 9 is highly anticipated. Compared to Windows 8, Windows 9 will make a lot of changes, of which there will be a return to the Start menu. Latest news shows, in addition to the return of the Start menu, Windows 9 will have a brand new taskbar, as well as a large-scale improvements of UI interface.

Windows 9 is a major update version. News exposed the latest Start menu design of Windows 9, the start menu design combines traditional desktop and Modern UI elements. But then there are those who point out that the screenshot of the start menu is alleged to be fraud, but Microsoft officials did not respond to this issue.
In addition to the Start menu, news said that Windows 9 will bring a new taskbar and great improvements in the UI interface, including Cortana voice assistant and desktop gadgets, etc.
Speaking on the taskbar, the task bar of Windows 9 will have a “dynamic icons” and “at a glance” view mode, and the Cortana voice assistant which attractive by Microsoft will also appear on the taskbar.
The UI interface will be more Modernized and more flat. In addition, some desktop gadget may return to Windows 9.
Many rumors of Windows 9 keep popping up, but Microsoft officials have been held attitude of no responding, maybe we can uncover the mystery of Windows 9 only by waiting til the its release.


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To uninstall PC Performer is a little difficult for some ordinary PC users for it always combines well with the operating system. Here, I will reveal the most comprehensive and easiest strategies to uninstall PC Performer.

Method a single: Uninstall PC Performer with the regular way.

We all realize that, no matter what program, we can easily locate and take them out from Add/Remove Programs. So to uninstall PC Performer, first make sure you proceed the below ways:

1. Go for you to “ Start” and then simply click “ Control Panel”.

2. Two times click “ Add/Remove Programs”.

3. Locate and highlight PC Performer after which it click “ Remove” to start the removal.

4. Follow the on-screen steps in order to complete.

By following the aforementioned steps, you can sometimes uninstall PC Performer;and sometimes will not likely because some relating registry entries are going to be left in Windows registry or maybe program files in Chemical drive. If you tend to be professional on computers, you can manually remove them without help. If not, please do not take this action! A mis-deleted or corrupted registry entry will result in more serious problems like failure to log onto the machine, random blue screen errors or system crashes. But does this mean that you cannot uninstall PC Performer? Needless to say not! You can easily receive the program uninstalled with the simple steps below.

Method two: Uninstall PC Performer with a specialist uninstaller.

1. Click here to obtain the perfect uninstaller from the internet.

2. Launch it following the installation.

3. Spotlight “ PC Performer” in the actual “ Display Name” checklist and click “ Uninstall” for you to proceed.

4. Follow the on-screen steps in order to complete the removal.

With the several steps above, you can certainly uninstall PC Performer even though it can be corrupted and not displayed inside the list, you can also thoroughly uninstall it with the “ Force Uninstall” function- one of the most powerful uninstall function. For more in depth information, visit here.


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SpyHunter is really a useful program. However, once you think this program seriously isn’t powerful enough, or it truly is corrupt, you make enter some trouble when uninstalling this. You have done your best to thoroughly uninstall and remove SpyHunter however, you really having no idea how to manage it. Fortunately, here is an easy guide.

Most of the time, you may firstly seek to uninstall and remove this software thru the Add/Remove programs list accessing through the Control Panel, but sometimes it is probably not listed there. Therefore, you might have no way to remove SpyHunter inside a normal way. Even though you think you’ve gotten rid of SpyHunter, it still may turn up automatically when you sign on with error messages. Then you should disable it from task manager any time you log on. Is this very depressing? This problem occurs is because the registry entries along with the related files respectively remain hidden from the nooks and corners of this registry and hard drives.
Then I will demonstrate a step-by-step removal plan for you to help you conduct a successful removal as soon as possible.
Tip 1 Uninstall Program by manual
1. Track down and remove SpyHunter by deleting the related data files, a trained professional and software would better do that job.
two. Eliminate the registry entries if you’re able to.
3. Erase connected directions.
By performing a quick search via the net, you can find away what files and registry entries need to be deleted. But this removal is just recommended for computer authorities, for deleting the completely wrong file or registry key might cause to destroy the whole system.
Suggestion 2 Uninstall and take out Program Automatically and Efficiently
There is really a much simpler and safer solution to handle the SpyHunter elimination, and what you need is really a removal tool. This tool can uninstall this software firstly, and then it scans your registry as well as your hard drives to find and delete the many files that related for the program, fully and efficiently.
There is a fantastic removal tool that can help you uninstall the software program completely with great success and ensure that all the now-defunct Registry synonyms and related files are eliminated automatically having a few clicks.


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