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I Can’t Keep Track of Open Windows

You don’t have to keep track of all those open windows. Windows 8 does it for you with a secret key combination: Hold the Alt key and press the Tab key, and a little bar appears, displaying the icons for all your open windows. Keep pressing Tab; when Windows highlights the icon of the window you’re after, release the keys. The window pops up.

Or visit the taskbar, that long strip along the bottom of your screen. Mentioned in Chapter 2, the taskbar lists the name of every open window. Click the name of the window you want, and that window hops to the top of the pile.

If a program icon on the taskbar contains several open windows — you’re simultaneously editing several documents in Microsoft Word, for example — right-click the Microsoft Word icon. A pop-up menu appears, letting you click the document you want to access.

Can’t find a previously opened Start screen app? Hold down the key and press the Tab key: Thumbnail images of all your open apps appear on a strip along the screen’s left edge. Keep pressing the Tab key until you’ve highlighted the desired app; let go of the Tab key, and the selected app fills the screen.

I Can’t Line Up Two Windows on the Screen

With its arsenal of dragging-and-dropping tools, Windows simplifies grabbing information from one window and copying it to another. You can drag an address from an address book and drop it atop a letter in your word processor, for example.

However, the hardest part of dragging and dropping comes when you’re lining up two windows on the screen, side by side, for dragging. Windows 8 offers an easy way to align windows for easy dragging and dropping:

1. Drag one window against a left or right edge.
When your mouse pointer touches the screen’s edge, the window reshapes itself to fill half the screen.

2. Drag the other window against the opposite edge.
When your mouse pointer reaches the opposite edge, the two windows are aligned side by side.

You can also minimize all the windows except for the two you want to align side by side. Then right-click a blank spot on the taskbar, and then choose Show Windows Side By Side. The two windows line up on the screen perfectly.


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Apple today officially released the iOS 8 operating system, but as usual, the first time is always susceptible to have trouble and this time is no exception, one of the main new features HealthKit was found to have a Bug, which had temporarily offline.

Apple’s not official public any statement yet, but the App Store some applications developed for the new features of HealthKit have been offline now.

Some HealthKit application developers also confirmed the news on Twitter. For example, Brian Mueller, a developer of a health application Carrot Fit says that after his application is offline on App store, he received a call from Apple representative, who said that the application was not a problem, but HealtKit was discovered at the last moment that there is a bug, and therefore postpone the opening and use. As for when the apps will return to normal, no scheduler mentioned.

HealthKit in iOS 8 system is not a stand-alone application, but a platform architecture service run in the back end of the system that allows third-party applications to process data synchronization through the API interface with Apple’s Health health tracking application.

Although we don’t know more specific information about the problem yet, but Apple has confirmed to Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times, they found a problem in HealthKit and will need a software update to resolve. But Apple did not say they can immediately solve the problem, just said the they plan “provides HealthKit application at the end of this month.”

iOS 8 is now officially push to the older iOS device users, and the upcoming listing of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be running a brand new system. In addition to Health Applications, iOS 8 has many other new features and functions, such as QuickType keyboard, which support for third-party keyboard, Touch ID, photos and information applications strengthening, Continuity allows seamless integration of iOS and Mac devices, if you do not want to download and update in OTA, you can download iOS8 firmware.


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A new piece of Malware has been found in Twitch that has the potential to wipe the users Steam wallet and hijack its inventory.

The scam starts with an invitation to a raffle. When the user inputs their name and email, the Malware begins doing its dirty work, adding new friends to your friends list, and buying and selling items.

Twitch support acknowledged the malware in a tweet sent a few days ago, informing users to specifically avoid the “csgoprize” link in chat, which is how the the Malware infects your computer.

Roy Tobin, a Threat Researcher at Webroot, said it was common for popular sites to be targeted in this way.

“There are so many popular social platforms for cyber-criminals to choose from and an easy way for them to target naïve users is to create themed scams,” he explained. “We have seen a number of these types of droppers lately but not in huge numbers; however any type of popular media site will eventually be hit in this way.”

Roy Tobin said that a few simple steps would help protect users in general.

“If something looks too good to be true, it usually is,” he said. “It all comes back to user education, not clicking on links and not executing unknown files. We have seen similar infection routes with embedded comments on YouTube videos and even Facebook comments. Since they originate on known sites, people can be lured into a false sense of security.”

But come on guys and girls — you are all way too smart to get sucked into this kind of junkware, hijackware, greyware even malware, right?

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Original post by Mark Serrels. BTW, we do not recommend that you directly delete those PUAs as some may be sharing system related files (dll/ exe)!

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A few days ago Microsoft released a message on Twitter, that Microsoft will release “big thing“in the upcoming IFA 2014. In response, industry analysts believe that the “big surprise” of Microsoft will not be Windows 9 but a smart watch or other Windows versions as IOT service. As the world’s highest level of the Consumer Electronics Show, IFA will be officially opened on September 9th -10th in Berlin, German.

“Big things are happening in the world of #IFA2014#”
— Windows (@Windows) September 3, 2014

It is noteworthy that the big thing going to happen Microsoft hinted that will happen in its flagship operating system, rather than a hardware device or other third-party hardware.

Last month, Microsoft has officially issued invitations to the medias, according to information implied on the invitation, Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 is expected to debut at the conference, Lumia 830 will has three versions including Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobile. It is reported that, the Verizon version screen size is4.5 inches, while the other two versions is 4.7 inches.

May this year, there is news that Microsoft’s smart wearable watches are being tested, and these smart watches will be launched in October this year. So, from the time new revealed, Microsoft is likely to launch it’s smart watches in the IFA 2014. Another possibility is that Microsoft wants to amplify it’s Windows version, as a preparation for it’s IOT.

Lumia 830 will be unveiled at the press conference with the Lumia 730 which called as the next generation of the selfie phone at the Windows Phone platform. It is also reported that this device is equipped with 5 million pixel front camera and a 6.7 million pixel main camera, the screen size is 4.7 inches, pre-installed with WindowsPhone 8.1 operating system.

What kind of surprise will Microsoft bring us in IFA 2014, it’s still unknown, but with the opening of IFA , everything will soon be announced.


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According to reports of foreign technology website Tech Report, SanDisk will release a new midrange SSD —Ultra II in September this year, recently, SanDisk revealed the product-related information.

It is reported that this is a new SATA SSDs, using Marvell master and 3bit TLC flash memory, which is the most important feature of the product. TLC flash memory read and write speed is slow, but the cache scheme can improve their work performance; while 3bit flash memory is with low power consumption, low latency characteristics, before reading data and other information into the White disk, cache memory can integrate small pieces of the the readers into a big chunk of content.

According to the reports, 120GB Ultra II’s read speed is up to 550MB / s, write speed up to 500MB / s, random 4K reads 81K IOPS, random write 80K IOPS, performance is as excellent as Samsung’s 840 Evo, which is mainly thanks to SanDisk’s nCache 2.0 technology, this technology is actually a flash in SLC mode, and improve its performance and reliability.

SanDisk will launch 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB capacities, four specifications of Ultra II, prices were $ 79.99, $ 114.99, $ 219.99, $ 429.99, approximately every G price is $ 0.45. SanDisk will also offer a three-year warranty for the product.

“Replacing the PC’s hard drive series with SanDisk Ultra SSD is more cost-effective than buying a new one.” Director of SanDisk product marketing Kent Perry said, “Our SSD products provide higher speed and stability than mechanical hard disk, and prices are available at an acceptable range. “

The product is targeted at high-end users, unlike traditional SSD, Ultra Plus SSD firstly using a SLC / MLC hybrid storage, taking into account both the speed and the product durability.


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