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Next year is expectable, not only because of theiPhone7 with larger screen, and also there is the better Apple Watch. Faced with everyone’s expectations, Apple is accelerating the pace to seize time.

1, Apple Watch will be available
It was reported that Apple Watch will be available in March next year. This smart watch is full of mystery, because most people only know it from the picture, but nobody knows how it is used.

2, APP for Apple Watch will be launched
It is understood that, Apple Watch will be equipped with the new operating system, which looks like iOS operating system. But equipping with a new operating system means that developers must tailor Apple Watch for a variety of applications.

3, the larger screen of iPad
People is also looking forward to the larger screen of the iPad next year , which are what people call “iPad Pro” and “iPad Plus”.

4, iPad Air 3 will be released
The thinner iPad Air 3 will be released.

5, iPad Mini 4 launch
iPad Mini 4 is likely to be available in the fall of next year, it will have a faster processor and the better pixel camera.

6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7
iPhone 6S is likely to add some new features, but the big changes may be known until the iPhone 7.

7, 4-inch iPhone 6 Mini
There are widely circulated that Apple will launch 4-inch iPhone 6 Mini, which like the size of the iPhone 5 or the earlier iPhones.

8, iOS 9
the new iPhone means the new generation of iPhone OS, such as iOS 9.

9, the new version of OSX
Apple will release a new version of OSX next year. The latest two versions both named with the landmark of California, respectively, Mavericks and Yosemite.

10, Release MacBook Pro
Apple will release a more lightweight MacBook Pro, it looks like a MacBook air, but its battery life will be longer than MacBook’s.

11,21.5 inch Retina iMac
People wants that Apple’s MacBook Air with be equipped with Retina display. This year’s 27-inch Retina iMac demonstrated extraordinary display effect and it was highly praised by the public. So it’s estimated that next year Apple will equipped Retina display for iMac 21.5-inch .

12, a new generation of Apple TV
Since 2012, Apple TV set-top boxes have not been replaced, it is the update time in next year.


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North Korea’s government has denied all the involvements in the attack on Sony Pictures, however, in a Sunday statement indicated that it’s not necessarily depressed that it happened.

In a statement, the powerful National Defence Commission of the country, which managed North Korea’s army forces, expressed it had nothing to do with the attack. Two weeks ago, the network of Sony Pictures was attacked and hackers have released gigabytes of corporate documents subsequently, some covering personal details of employees.

“We do not know where in America the Sony Pictures is situated and for what wrongdoings it became the target of the attack nor we feel the need to know about it,” the statement said before turning to Sony’s upcoming film “The Interview,” in which two TV interviewers are sent to North Korea on a secret task to take out the leader Kim Jong Un.

North Korea complained about the film previously, taking its frustration all the time to the United Nations. That’s the reason that country has been seen as potentially responsible for the attack.

“But what we clearly know is that the Sony Pictures is the very one which was going to produce a film abetting a terrorist act while hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK by taking advantage of the hostile policy of the U.S. administration towards the DPRK,” it continued, using the preferred Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea official name of the country.

The NDC said it had called on people to campaign against the U.S. and some of those might be responsible.

“The hacking into the Sony Pictures might be a righteous deed of the supporters and sympathizers with the DPRK in response to its appeal,” said the statement, which was carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Investigators are still trying to figure out the hack and a suspect has yet to be officially named, however, that hasn’t stopped a good deal of speculation. A previously unknown team named Guardians of Peace has declared the responsibility for the hack. Nothing is known about the group and the claims have been impossible to substantiate.

Factors of the malware used in the attack bear similarities to app used to attack South Korean TV broadcasters and banks last year — hackers that were blamed on North Korea. That further bolstered the theory that North Korea might be involved.


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Access database is a database program in Office interplanting, today I have a problem updating the query can not be executed, in fact, not only update queries, it’s estimated that insert, delete query , maybe all the data modification can not be implemented. In fact, it is due to Office enhanced the security mechanisms, we can solve the problem just by modifying some settings.

Methods / steps
1. In access, the program was written a simple update query, when executed, there is a message form “action or event has been stopped by disabled mode” on the bottom left corner of the status bar.

2. Modify the security settings, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the circle office in the pop-up menu, select “Access Options.”

3. In the new window that opens, click on the “Trust Center” on the left, then click on the “Trust Center Settings” button on the bottom right corner.

4. In the new window that opens, select the left side of the “Macro Settings” option, on the right side you can see, the default is “Disable all macros with notification”, this is the default setting after installation, if what you see is not the default option, then it is self-modified.

5. Switch the option to “Enable all macros settings(not recommended: might run potentially dangerous code)” and click OK. The potential danger here, refers to the unknown source database files obtained, , if the database is running by your own design, generally will not have problem.

6.Click OK, restart access, run the update query, if all things OK, there’s a message prompts that access is running correctly.

1. After modifying the settings, you need to restart the Access program to take effect.
2. If after you did all the above steps yet the problem of access2007 unable to perform the task can not be resolved, then we need to use specialized software to completely uninstall access 2007, and then reinstall it.


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Wall Street Journal published an article that, with the rise of applications, Web is going to decline, and the impact produced by its decline is far more profound than any other current technology; the open Web lost to app store.

Think about your cell phone, there are app icons right over the screen one by one instead of the webs; those mode of operation of applications is completely different with the Web’s.

Large amounts of data shows that, nowadays, people likes to use applications just like surf the Internet in the past. People loves a variety of applications which have taken over people’s digital life. According to mobile analytics company Flurry data, people spend 80% of the time on the application, but the time on the Web, only 14%.

This data change seems insignificant. In the past, people have to print out the navigation route from the MapQuest site, and those navigation is often wrong and confusing. Today, people can get real-time traffic information through the phone’s navigation application Waze. For those who still clearly remember the old way of obtaining navigation, it is nothing less than magical.

No matter from what point of view, the application seems to be very beneficial to users – compared to Web, they run faster and more easy to use. But behind this convenience there is a major problem: the openness that allows the Internet companies to develop into one of the strongest company in the 21st century is terminated.

In fact, the application store limited to a specific operating system and device is a walled garden, in which Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are the rules makers of the game. This means that Apple can block Bitcoin— revolutionary Internet progress in the eyes of the technical staff, means that Apple can off-shelf any application does not comply with its provisions, taste at any time.


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(1) The computational speed. Computational speed is an important measure of computer performance. Commonly computational speed refer to the average speed of operation, also the number of instructions that can be executed per second, usually describe with mips, Million Instruction Per Second. The same computer, the time required to perform different operations may be different, and thus the computing speed is often described with different methods. The common method are use CPU clock speed, the number of instructions executed per second average (ips) and so on. Microcomputers generally use clock speed to describe computing speed, for example, Pentium / 133’s clock speed is 133 MHz, PentiumⅢ / 800’s clock speed is 800 MHz, Pentium 4 1.5G clock speed is 1.5 GHz. In general, the higher the clock speed the faster the computing speed.

(2) the word length. A set of binary computer at the same time to deal with a computer called the “word”, but this group of binary digits is the “word length”. When other indexes are the same, the larger the word length the faster the computer data processing. Early word length of microcomputer is generally 8 bits and 16 bits. Currently 586 (Pentium, Pentium Pro, PentiumⅡ, PentiumⅢ, Pentium 4) are mostly 32 bits, and most people are now installed 64 bits.

(3)the capacity of the memory. A memory, also referred to as main memory, which the CPU can directly access to, the program to be executed and the data to be processed is stored in the main memory. The size of the internal memory capacity reflects the ability of a computer to store information immediately. With the continuous expansion of the operating system, application software and its functions keep enriching, the demand for computer memory capacity is also rising. Currently, running Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating system requires at least 16 M of memory, Windows XP will need more than 128 M of memory. The larger the memory capacity, the more powerful the system function, and the more substantial the amount of data that can be processed.

These are just some of the key performance indicators. In addition to these key performance indicators above, there are many other indicators. Also, do not isolate from each other between the indicators, in practical application, we should always pay attention to improve the computer performance, these indicators also should be taken together, while following the principle of “cost performance”.


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